Detecting Oral Cancer with VELScope

12 December 2012

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Cancer can affect everyone, regardless of age, race, or gender. Some forms of cancer, like oral cancer, can be treated and cured, if detected early. Oral cancer, however, can go undetected in its earliest stages.

Oral cancer is often considered to be one of the most “overlooked” types of cancer, going undetected and untreated until it is too late for treatment.

But there’s good news! Now, thanks to the VELScope oral cancer screening system, cancer be detected and treated early. With the help of VELScope oral cancer screening system, oral cancer can be detected sooner and increase the survival rate by as much as 80 percent.

Fans of tobacco and heavy drinkers are considered at high risk of developing oral cancer, however, no one is truly safe from oral cancer.  Oral cancer itself is deadly, ranking as the sixth most deadly type of cancer.

With the use of the VELScope oral cancer screening system, dentists can scan the mouth using a handheld device that emits a safe, blue light that highlight any lesions and symptoms of oral cancer that the naked eye cannot normally see. The procedure is non-invasive, practically takes up just five minutes of your time and is completely pain-free.

Cancer is indeed a dreadful disease, and there have been many lives that have been lost because of it. With the VELScope oral cancer screening system, specialists hope to lessen the number of cancer deaths thanks to the innovative VELscope oral cancer screening system. North Van Dental is proud to offer VELscope screenings at our clinic!

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